About Us

DINA has been selling fuel since 2005. Licensed to engage in retail trade in bulk oil products, in accordance with Lithuanian Energy Laws. Consumers have the absolute right to receive reliable information on the results of metrological measurements.


Card Features

DINA payment card is the most convenient payment method.

    Types of paid cards:
  • Debit card - issued to individuals and legal entities;
  • Credit card - issued only to legal entities.

    DINA card features:
  • You do not need to carry cash;
  • There are no additional fees for card service;
  • Security - the card is protected by a PIN;
  • Free full monthly purchase report with a DINA payment card, VAT invoice;
  • Fuel discounts;
  • An interest-free loan when you buy a DINA credit card;
  • The possibility of paying for fuel by direct debit transfer;

Damaged, stolen or lost cards must be reported by phone. 2402383, tel. fax 2402384 or mob. 868611494, e-mail dina@medelsta.lt (provide card number, PIN-code, and personal information);

  • Body dimensions (internal) - length 295cm, width 145cm;
  • Galvanized body;
  • Height from the basis of 35 cm;
  • Height from awning 140cm;
  • Internal volume is 7,4 m3;
  • Gross cargo weight is 750 kg;
  • Load weight 500 kg;

3 hours 8,00 €
6 hours 14,00 €
1 day 19,00 €
7 days 87,00 €
Late fee 3,00 €



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